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First survey...yay

Name::Sarina Nichols


Graduating Year::2007

Musical Interests::I like a wide variety. TONS of indie rock. But other stuff from speed metal, to
classic rock, to screamo, to folk, etc. Check my myspace or my lj interests for more.

Theatrical Interests::I love horror movies and drama. I love plays and operas too.

Sexual Orientation::(optional)Straight

Goals:: 1.Keeping up in school. 2. Making sure I don't repeat mistakes or do things i know will hurt me. 3. Live an exciting life. 4. Go to a good college. 5.Learn guitar and piano. 6. Become a journalist. 7.
Make a family. 8. Defend helpless.....

Hobbies::Painting, Listening to music, Hanging out with friends, Coffee, Writing, Talking, Thinking, Photography, Being a Vegetarian, Drawing, Going Swimming, Computer Stuff, Video Games(sometimes), and my kitty...


Check out my Myspace... 



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